While the whole song is pretty dang catchy, this post refers specifically to the drum break at 1:26.

I’ve been listening to the Hospital Records podcast for a few years now. It’s some of the most astonishingly effective marketing I’ve ever willingly, happily, absorbed. It’s hosted by one of the label’s co-founders, Tony Colman, and is a semi-regular dose of new music by producers in their stable, as well as other music from everyone from unknowns in bedroom studios to some of the pillars of the scene. All in all, a great show, and one that sheds some light into a subculture that I know very little about.

I had heard Tony possibly** use the word ‘amen’ to refer to some part of a track before, or about the popularity of an ‘amen’, or to point one out in the mix somewhere. Of course, trying to identify one particular part of a drum & bass track can often be difficult even when you know what it is you’re looking for.

Finally, I remembered to do a quick search on the subject and was richly rewarded. It’s a short loop from the song by The Winstons, originally sampled way back in the mid-80s and used in everything from NWA to The Powerpuff Girls theme. (much more info at the good ol’ WP) When I heard the drum break isolated it immediately sounded familiar, but now with all this added weight of knowledge, I’ll be hard pressed to gloss over it whenever it emerges in the future. Hopefully I haven’t permanently altered my ability to listen to a broad swath of music that I rather enjoy – I suppose step one is learning about it, and step two is learning to forget about it.

*First of all, the M stands for minutiae. I am open to suggestions

** his accent often obfuscates ambiguous words (to my colonial ears)