First things first, apparently John Hurt is narrating. No David Attenborough. Now, I don’t know Hurt’s voice from Tom Waits’, but I’m willing to bet it cannot beat Attenborough’s. The only two voices that I think even come close are David Suzuki’s, and possibly Ken Watanabe’s (but that’s in a different category, obviously). Ever since, at least ten years ago,  some random person on the phone complimented my voice, I’ve always toyed around with the idea of doing voice work for things – games? cartoons?. Like all of my random, entirely unbaked interests, I would have no idea of where to start. Are there courses? Should I learn to sing? Was that random person actually just losing their hearing and I actually sound like a mule on a megaphone?

Oh, and of course, I wish this BBC series would just exist on DVD already. Or perhaps just skip that step and move it directly into my brain.