Or, for those of you whose Cyrillic is a little rusty, “cool timelapse of antarctic expedition”. The generic trance music is not even remotely interesting, but I suppose you wouldn’t want it to even try to upstage the fascinating expedition hijinks that the video features; building a plane, building a pool, going fishing, penguins!

As a complete landlubber, and also as a guy, there’s something about the nautical that’s always held a lot of appeal. I think that in this video, that’s mostly the ship itself, with its industrial paint-job and countless inscrutable tanks and devices and hatches and cables; it feels as though it exists somewhere poorly defined in the middle of the last century. Or maybe that’s just my heavily stereotyped understanding of Russian technology. Regardless, I found the video compelling enough that the whole thing sort of just slid by – how does one earn a post on an antarctic expedition anyway?