One of the wonders of my superficially ridiculous music acquisition methods are the joys that random can work on my listening. My relationship with a shuffled playlist is strained at best and usually involves me cursing under my breath while hitting ‘skip’ repeatedly. But every now and then it turns up a gem, and this was one such.

A long route-experimental bus ride farther west and farther north than my downtown perambulations ever take me, I was tuning out from the endless sprawl of Toronto proper scrolling by when this song’s bright hook sunk into my unsuspecting ears. I was vaguely familiar with Kylesa’s last album, Static Tensions, but despite their having two (!!) drummers I had never found a track to really curl up in and make myself comfortable. The skittering high-hats, indecipherable (stumbling centre? foresight? what?) lyrics, and the repeated, varied returns to the theme have gotten me to listen to this grower at least a dozen times in the past twenty-four hours. And am doing so right now.