Apologies on the lack of updates after my longest and most successful series of sequential posts. Things were going fine until it was working time, and boy howdy was it ever. I worked… many days in a row – more hours in two weeks than I usually work in two months. Admittedly, my job is fairly part-time, but it was still a jarring, if fairly pleasant and definitely lucrative, adjustment.

Over the last few days I’ve been able to settle back into my regular schedule, and will be back in the blogging saddle shortly.

In the greater scheme of my nonexistent art photo production career, I’ve hit a series of small crises over the past week but have made it through in one piece. It was a cruciable (crucial crucible?), it turns out. Set aside some of my more outlandish ideas for now and come up with a feasible series. My plan is one quality image a week.

Those, and snapshots taken along the way, will be available here.