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On my last full day in Berlin, I found myself out of things that I knew for sure that I wanted to check out. I was sure there were lots of things out there which I would love, but had no idea where these things were.

I decided to go and check out Tempelhof Park, which was an airport up until very recently. And it had been an airport for a long time. Since 1923.

It’s absolutely gigantic. A problem we had while in Berlin was understanding the scale of the place. The map makes it look manageable. Yes, I’m aware that maps are smaller than the areas that they represent, but the distance between blocks and the scale of much of the construction is much larger than most cities I’ve visited.

It was pretty well-peopled, fitting for the last warm day of summer. Plenty of people sunbathing, drinking delicious cheap beer, and more than a few riding skateboards, propelled by sail-kites, along the disused runways.