As I’m sure many if not all of you are intensely aware, it is hot outside.

I could be much worse off than I am; my house has central air, or to be more precise, it has “central air”. Some cold air comes out of the vents but it isn’t much. It takes the edge off but my room is still farther down the wrong side of the bedroom <-> sauna continuum than I would like.

And it’s completely killed any notions of productivity I’ve had. My collage/oils art experiment lies unattended and barely started on my worktable in the badlands (which is the only way to describe our third floor attic living room). My camera sits next to my computer where I last stripped all the photos from it, and using my computer itself is a dangerous proposition as it generates heat. Heat which must then be slowly and painstakingly dissipated by the emphysemic wheezings of our AC. And don’t even get me started on the prospect of running. Air quality advisories aside, I’d probably just overheat and reboot about 5 minutes in. Hopefully I’d reboot.

So, it’s with great excitement that I’m awaiting the predicted thunderstorms tomorrow. Hopefully this heatwave will break and I can get back to doing anything other than hiding from the sun* and reading.

*though navigating outside while sticking entirely to shadows is fun, it’s not very… practical.