Last week there was a frenzied flurry of work, at my work.

Rather than my usual duties of photography + miscellaneous, I put the camera away almost entirely and was put up front to mind the door, keep an eye on things, and greet near 500 people who were drawn to my work through an interest in purchasing, or at least seeing briefly, some fantastically expensive Canadian art.

It was a drastic change of pace for me, but all in all, pretty enjoyable. My only real complaint is having to stand for seven or so hours, with minimal breaks. That’s always played havoc with my… everything: legs, feet, back – and recently shoulders too! Not sure what it is about standing still that is just so bloody hard to do. I can walk for hours and feel fine, but standing for the same amount of time? pfff

But I digress.

An interesting mix of people came in. Looky-loos, the friendly, the snobby, the old, the young (mostly the old), couples and groups and all combinations of these. A lot of them were regulars. Some of them I recognized from a previous stint as a quasi-doorman, but nothing next to the president and vice president (and co-owners) of my company who were in attendance and seemed to know near-everyone. I think they were both amused and, hopefully, pleased after I had a particularly long and pleasant chat with an friendly older woman; just small talk based on which paintings I liked, which other people liked, and sprinkled with my sparse (but improving!) knowledge of all these artists. After she left, the president walked over to me and told me who she was… a baroness whose late husband was worth something in the order of billions of dollars.

Good thing I was on my small-talk game – something that happens very rarely to me.