I’d say about six times out of ten, when I’m walking around listening to music, my mp3 player is on shuffle. I’m not precisely sure if I come out ahead in the end – a lot of time is spent rolling my eyes and repeatedly hitting next, next, next, ohforfuckssake, next. But sometimes it pays off.

There’s something in my mental makeup that has always enjoyed strange juxtapositions. It has forever skewed my ability to make art… or even to speak properly. Today, there was one such pleasant, jarring shift – From the twangy, wacky, trouble-making Bullet to the spacious, slow, hollow Tears of a Lonely Metaphysician. This weren’t no classic Yann Tiersen’s La Dispute into Mastodon’s Iron Tusk or a sadly forgotten (but flawless) transition from a Roots track to some metal anthem. But the two tunes were different enough to send my music-listening brain scrambling to find new ground, to shift enjoyment-gears frantically.