And such a seemingly strange question about that photo.

As most (I’m assuming I can count my readership on one hand, here) of you know I’m working on a followup to my minor thesis project. These were, originally, strange little constructions, a typology of sorts. I took shots of a type of building (schools, banks, government buildings, etc) and jumbled them up, making amalgams that I thought were somehow emblematic of the structures from which I pulled the parts. I wanted to make at least partially sure that my reading of the strangeness that is public schools here in Toronto wasn’t just all in my head, while also getting some insights in how other people read elements of a building as being part of a school. And hey, I just noticed, you can see the the school from my previous post in the lower left of the above collage!

In this reboot of the project, I’m trying to be more thorough and careful in the construction process, finding parts that flow together or clash with specific purposes in mind: no structures simply tossed together… I think my lack of a 3-month timeline will help with that. Furthermore, I’m planning on making semi-fantastic patchwork scenes for the buildings to exist in; a strange disproportionate, disjointed neighbourhood for the school to serve, complete with rows of houses and winding roads and a tatterdemalion (man, I love that that’s a word) playground.

I’m about to sit down and start the painstaking process of building my first draft of the school. More images as they begin exist… and as I feel comfortable showing them to anybody.