Last week when I went to go give Kick-Ass a try, I felt like there was more in the game than me just going to a movie.

I was having a conversation with someone and they introduced a show they enjoyed watching defensively, which I took to mean that I’m some sort of horrible judgmental snob. Of course, there’s some truth to this. I’ve often found myself to be ashamed of enjoying things which I feel like I shouldn’t for some reason or another. Dungeons & Dragons because it’s too nerdy, video games, same reason, Drum & Bass because it’s too stupid, metal, again, same reason. I’ve been trying to like and let like, but I’m not quite there yet, I guess. So, when I left Kick-Ass early, it was not without a sense of defeat. I tried to like something popular… but just couldn’t do it.

So it was with great relief that I watched Sherlock Holmes last night. Ridiculous snappy dialogue, pleasantly dreary Victorian London setting, some good action, mystery, explosions, deducing, and bro-love. It sagged a little in the middle and the ending seemed to come a little out of nowhere, but all in all, very satisfying. If there’s a sequel, it’d better have Downey and Law… and hopefully someone who can act for Ms. Adler. Who is that, anyway? She was… not very acty.

edit: She was nominated for an award for that role! Best Supporting Actress? What?