And here I was being so good at producing little posts daily…

…then school had to come along and somehow take up all of my time. And I only took one, final course this semester. I’d like to think, somewhere, in the back of my most hopeful brain, that had I been taking a full course load that I would have planned far enough ahead so that the catastrophe that was my group project, the rat’s nest that was my essay, and the barely noticeable speedbump that was the exam wouldn’t have all piled up and hit me at the same time.

Or maybe I’m just damn lucky that I was taking one course and not five.

Anyway, pretty sure I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree. Pretty easy, actually. Just takes a while.

Now, my plan is to keep working the jobs I have (and no more) and buckle down and produce some art. If the latter is not successful in at least me thinking that I’ve made something interesting and worth making… then I’ll probably be looking for full-time employment in 8 months or so.

Until then, art ahoy!