Group work is the worst thing that a course can possibly involve. (short of a Battle Royale scenario (which could end up being pretty awesome))

I always try and hold myself and my work to the highest standard possible, but there’s some… incredibly draining, powerfully debilitating force which has just caused me to not give one thin shit about this blogging-related group project I’ve been thrown into. Perhaps its the idea that I’m giving one of the three group members a free ride. Maybe it’s the fact that she decided not to go in the same direction as we’re going and thus is undermining our argument. Ah hell, we’re all going in separate directions and not actually discussing the same aspect of blogging at all..

Imagine that!

To any teachers out there, or any education administrators. To anyone who has to plan a course or organize assignments. To anyone who has any ability to do this, please, help me eliminate the scourge of group work. Force students to fight each other for marks, tooth and nail, and work overtime to mark 60 wildly different assignments instead of 20 guaranteedly mediocre ones.

Thank god I’m done school for good in three and a half days. Too bad it had to go out with a thrrrrrpt.