I’ve been getting some really great captcha selections lately. “packwood KORNHEISER” and “is creamier” are the only two I can recall right now, but they like a microcosm of one of my favourite types of spam.

I am definitely not privy to the inner workings of the spam community. I’m not sure where they get their methods in attempting to circumvent spam filters, or in trying to convince people that this is useful, solicited information. I also can’t imagine who gets paid to do this, or who actually, ever, follows these links. The entire system seems like a closed circuit of insanity, where I can’t see any money going into or out of the whole thing, but it must work, somehow, because it exists, right?

The type of spam I meant to focus on are those that contain bizarre, disjointed snippets of text, which furthers my general confusion about the entire spam ecology. I was hoping I could track down a specimen of my favourite subtype, containing bits of different pieces of fiction, but alas, all I could find was this brokenly informative amalgam.

Good to know. Now where's that viagra?