It’s funny how it feels like the grandpappies of post-rock, those wacky musicians from Montreal who made up Godspeed You! Black Emperor and *A Silver Mount Zion* (the asterisks are not to emphasize the band name, but are placeholders for whatever the heck the rest of the band’s name actually is) seem to have, well, won the genre. I loved those bands. They made music like it was made for me. Proper epic arrangements, fierce and huge and bleak and with a wicked orchestral bent; it played perfect to my childhood spent listening to my parents’ classical music and my adolescence spent listening to alt-rock and metal.

I’ve tried plenty of post-rock bands since, but I don’t know that I’ve heard anything new or interesting or exciting in a long time. It all ends up sounding like diluted Godspeed, or, more precisely, more commonly (given the standard 4-5 person band over the sprawling nine-person team that was GY!BE), like something Mogwai did 10 years ago.

Perhaps we need a new model for the apocalypse to make more music that sounds just like it.