These photos were taken six years apart. One with a 21mp, full-frame DSLR, one with a three megapixel point and shoot that’s worse than what’s in my current cellphone. One was taken before four years of post-secondary photo education, where I made interesting work and learned about art and got excellent marks, the other after. The trick is guessing which is which. Checking metadata is cheating.

What am I saying? Don’t judge a photographer by a single photograph. Anyone can take one good picture, and on a related note, I have issues with straight photography. Creating bodies of conceptually interesting work is difficult. I didn’t mind being out at night, in the winter, as much when I was twenty-three. And lastly, please forgive any lack of writing competency, I have completely fallen out of my blogging groove and am desperately trying to wriggle my way back in again. Let’s see if this helps!