I’ve just had an art epiphany.

School had me thinking about everything in a completely assbackwards way, as schools are sometimes wont to do. I think about a photo project as though it is a whole object, a finished piece. Everything needs to be preordained, sorted out, working perfectly, and ready to go. The printing, the framing, where it’s going to show, what I’m going to shoot, how I’m going to work with the images, the concept; starting at the end is extremely daunting to say the least. As one who is easily daunted, this has landed me in a rut. How are you supposed to sit down and make something so hugely complex? Choosing a detail to work on is almost paralyzing. It’s impossible.

Over the holidays I made a gift using very simple materials: old magazines, scissors, a glue stick, an exacto knife, pen, marker, notebook. It is by no means a perfect masterpiece, but making something visual, however rough around the edges it may be, was exceedingly pleasing. It made me realize that photo, especially the way that I tend to approach photo, doesn’t have to be this gargantuan, epic undertaking. Just start shooting. Play around with things and see what happens. And for god’s sake, keep shooting, keep playing, and before long the epic undertaking will have been undertaken, completely by accident.