I’m at work. I’m taking photographs of upcoming lots being offered for sale on our January 2010 online auction. A series of lots are all from the same consignor, so they share a similar number. I’ve been copying and pasting the file names and changing the appropriate information.

Work is a little slow today, so I’ve been browsing the internet intermittently, researching things that catch my interest, collecting images for an upcoming project, and reading various blogs. I’m not really paying particular attention to anything, just sort of pleasantly drifting through the motions.

I export an image from hasselblad 3f to jpeg (a graphite sketch of a young man in a beret) and then casually CRTL-V in the file name. It appears as:

“We are unable to transmit through conscious neural interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream.”

I catch a frisson before my pesteringly constant conscious mind figures out how that happened and puts everything in a reasonable framework. I think I’d prefer the alternative.

Back to work.