Lately I have been working eight to ten hour days, standing in a gallery, minding art. It has been vaguely hellish.

It’s easy work, to be sure, but mind-numbing. There is almost nothing to do, but interruptions are regular enough to completely prevent any sort of coherent, interesting, or creative train of thought from developing.

I have plans, though. Oh the plans. Photography plans – ideas for new constructs, having been reassured that my sad-nature-ghey images don’t read as such. Blog plans – ridiculous posts on Norse mythology, iPhone ownership, recent media consumption, and my increasingly passionate affair with running. Two and a half more days and then I may be rewarded with a sweet slice of freedom… and you, my faithful reader(s?) may have proper, entertaining blog content.

For now:

Under the Gardiner

Monday night, waves.

A lady and I made an improbably long trek down to see this installation under the Gardiner Expressway earlier this week. It was unexpectedly cold (yes, it gets colder when the sun goes down) and I was bundled in a preposterous jacket borrowed from work. The installation was lovely. Surreal, irregular waves washed northward towards the city, accompanied by appropriate sound effects from a center-mounted speaker. The recorded breaking waves mixed strangely well with the constant rough whisper of vehicles passing directly overhead. It’s a shame they couldn’t do the whole underside of the Gardiner, the length of the expressway gently lapping at Toronto’s southern edge and disturbing the sleep of hobos and condo-owners alike.