“Isn’t this blog called DAILY Max?”

Yes, yes… but! But!

I have been hella busy – I am running, and am about to invest in some wacky shoes, and in a wacky way of running. This wacky way of running will likely demolish my calves at first but will stop my leg bones from crumbling to dust by age 32.

I’ve been assisting an architecture photographer. It is a weird, wonderful job. It incorporates three things from previous jobs that I really like: going to places I wouldn’t normally be, while there, doing things that aren’t normally done there, manual labour, and straightening. Also, y’know, photography.

Starting yesterday, I have been gaming like it’s going out of style, like the sun is going to RROD any second now. I’ve been enjoying Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2. The former is hilarious, preposterous, Schafery fun – the game is not quite there, much like Psychonauts, but it doesn’t matter because participating in this wacky world of METAL is lots of fun. Uncharted 2 has rendered obsolete all other similar games and movies. It doesn’t do anything particularly revolutionary, but it does what it does SO FUCKING WELL that it doesn’t matter. It is a riveting, exciting, gasp-inducing joy to experience.

And while I’m on the topic of gaming, after watching a not-that-quick quick look on Giant Bomb, it seems that despite what their marketing department would have everyone believe, Dragon Age: Origins is actually going to be a good, interesting game. Difficult, strategic, with loads of character customizability, this bears many earmarks of Bioware’s games. Their track record at creating their own IPs (not just adapting Star Wars or D&D) is a little spotty, but they may pull it off this time. Regarding the marketing, I suppose that EA, who’s publishing this thing, felt that appealing to the Halo fanboy demographic was worth alienating the RPG fanboy one. (strength in numbers!)

Reality’s feeling a little fluid after only two hours of sleep last night. I’m going to stop rambling. Now.