Do Make Say Think’s latest album is absolutely fantastic. It’s made up of four long, lush, fascinating tracks. The last track is a little sparse, but I can handle a calm ending to an album which occasionally reaches such manic, torturous heights. But unlike most of the songs by that defunct, 8-piece Montreal-based grandpappy of Canadian post-rock, The Other Truths contains occasional moments of despair without making the listener feel numbed and borderlineĀ  suicidal after a long session. The whole, distorted guitar & crash symbol climax of the second track, Make, is nicely tempered by some lovely horns which make an appearance a few times through the album’s all-too-brief 42 minutes. The album as a whole varies from cold to warm, from frantic to desperate to triumphant, and I can’t stop listening to it.

Also, I’m pretty sure the third track is in 6/8, and I love that shit. Break from 4/4 and you’re halfway to getting me to like a song. And is that a little bit of lap steel? Whatever it is, they used just the right amount and it’s fuckawesome. Gave me a bit of lap steel, if you know what I mean. And I mean boners.

I borrowed the album off the interwebs because I couldn’t wait another week, but am definitely going to give them my money when it’s released next week. Give it a listen, and I’d suggest you do the same.