I was having lunch with Courtney today, sitting on the grass in the Victoria College Bi (it’s not a quad) and happily om-nomming on some long-anticipated vermicelli and salad rolls from the O.G. (Original Gingah) She spotted (as she has some sort of magical, uncanny nature-seeing abilities) a cicada husk lying under a leaf at the base of the tree we were sitting under.

After I was finished eating I went and picked it up. He was a creepy little bugger, about as big as the last joint of my index finger. The detail in legs and thorax seems impossibly good – I’m not sure how he wiggled his mid-leg spikes and ribbed bug-arse out of this unbelieveably close-fitting layer of chitin without completely tearing it apart, but he managed it somehow. Like how Taki looks like she’d have to be sewn into her outfit after sliding her boobs into the integrated purple boob-socks.

No pseudointellectual, self-absorbed rambling today! Just an old boy being excited about the cool, gross thing he brought home from the park, which he fully intends to later use to creep out girls. Awesome.