I had many great plans for the resurrection of this blog.

I was going to start writing about the creative activities I’d do every day. Just set aside an hour or so and… draw. Write. Try to learn how to make music on my compy. Take pictures or work with them. Pick my violin back up. Actually “blog” in the journalistic sense – I’ve read so much great stuff on design, architecture, psychology, photography, etc online that I feel like I wanted to try and contribute!

But instead I just did nothing.

And then yesterday I found inspiration in the most unlikely of places, the most barren, scorched, salted fields; youtube comments. “90% of success is just showing up.”

With that jiving with some inspirational/not inspirational talk by Merlin Mann I was linked too from BoingBoing the other… week, I figured I would just log in (a process made markedly more difficult by having forgotten my password & wordpress’ languid auto-emaily-dealie) and write!

So, here I am. Back, in some even more self-relfexive and rambly manner. I should be back again shortly. In some capacity.