I don’t know what this is, but I know that I like that it exists.

Just for novelty’s sake, let’s just put myself, say, twenty years ago. I have just watched a movie made in a town in the Netherlands, with music from a TV show and sounds and setting from a video game. How exotic! And how did this magazine I was reading contain video? For some of you, I’d bet you can’t even remember life before the Internet. Me, I’m just old enough to remember the first personal computers, having to look up nearly all information in real, physical space, but that knowledge is tempered by the fact that I do almost everything digitally now – the nostalgic activities made all the more distant by the fact that they’ve been rendered more or less entirely obsolete. (I have nearly forgotten how to write. Bad, slacker, protoblogger)

The link in the info section on the youtube page leads to some teaser page. I have no idea what the purpose of this half-lifey video is, but it is super-neat. Generally I am pretty powerfully against such derivative works, but the amount and quality of production of this piece (fairly lackluster goons aside) has completely won me over.