Today I bought some boots. They were on super-awesome sale, so, to celebrate my luck, I also bought a coffee and a comic written by Jim Munroe.

Finally, I decided to grab some food at a restaurant I had only visited once before, for brunch, and had been served a punishingly large hamburger. It had only been $4.95 or something, so I figured that it could not be that big. It was definitely that big. I have only ever been dealt a larger hand of meat once, and I will try to forget that time as well.

Regardless, it was a beautiful sunny day, I was in a fine mood, and it was lunchtime, so I figured I’d drop by and try my luck a second time.

At the bar, receding back into a strange, grease-and-smoke-stained murk, there was a sort of hot/trashy blond girl about my age, but she was sitting with two 65% sketchy old dudes and we all drinking bottles of Bud. She kept eying me in a strange sort of way, but I just played nice and smiled back. The server was a kind of barely haggard late-thirties eastern European woman that seems to be a fixture of these kind of greasy spoon bars, likely married to, or possibly the daughter of the short man at the grill.

I really like that sort of place, because there are completely no requirements of you. You don’t have to look cool and interesting, you don’t have to make small talk with anyone, (though, somehow, it seems easier), it’s just that right mix of convenience and casualness, with just a dash of grimness, that makes for a nice place to hang out.

The onion rings were great. The chicken burger was unfortunate. The comic book had interesting characters in an interesting setting but was not very well executed. The blond girl left with her two old-man-friends and caught my eye with a smile on the way out.

I walked home up Bellwoods Avenue, able to see my house perched at the top of it the second I turned the corner from Queen.


edit: consarnit! turns out that the entire comic is available on Jim Munroe’s site for free. Sure am glad those boots were on sale.