My bad, its one of those music posts I swore off. I need a bit of padding if I’m ever going to catch up.

The youtube video of this song is like one of those gradients you’re supposed to look at to see if your monitor is calibrated properly. Even though I’ve given the link to the high quality version of the song (the low quality one was almost unlistenable), this particular type of glitch/IDM/whatever suffers greatly from the obvious audio compression artifacting from youtube. 320 (or at least 192)kbps or bust.

This song is also interesting for a number of reasons. At least to me.

1) I don’t generally like Autechre, much of their more recent music is arythmic and way too noisy for me to even consider listening to briefly.

2) It sounds like robots.

3) I read a review of an Autechre album once, I forget which album and where I read it, but the reviewer said something along the lines of “love songs written by machines”. I like it.

4) at 3:19 there is a brief interruption to the extremely regular clicking which keeps the beat for the entire song and it only happens then and I like that I have noticed that. shit, it just happened again at 6:21. And then they break it down around 6:56. Well, it’s the end of the song. Fine. Whatever.

How can a band I barely like make one of my favourite songs?