The other day I was coming home, slightly worn from a day of school and shooting and etc. It was a beautiful pre-spring dusk, very calm and slightly eerie. The eastern sky, ahead, was a beautiful palette of sunsetty colours. It was still cool out, but you could feel that slight warmth that the sun had left behind, and then, on random, Luca’s Screen in Motion (not conveniently available online, sadly) came on, and completed the scene. Its perfect, beautiful, open melody and the soothing repetition complemented the space I was walking through.

The first time I really made a mental note of this was walking out on the Leslie St. Spit* while listening to Godspeed! You Black Emperor. I will spare you the wall of adjectives and assume you are familiar with both the place and the music and see how well they would work.

While I could try to desperately plan my day with an ideal song for each phase, the odd, chance delights from listening on shuffle are far more satisfying.

*given my backlog this is a likely candidate for a post, soon! (also, a trip, soon)