Click through for a few more shots.

Click through for a few more shots.

The week (hopefully) of badass commences! It is also a “week” of catch up, which I will hopefully get done in the next few days!

Last weekend I headed out to Montreal to visit my buddy Adam. I had been to the city a few times before, but usually only for a little while, and always in the dead of winter. Hence, I did not really get much of a feel for the city – I had never taken the metro, and had mostly just been downtown. This is not about my trip in general, but the neighbourhood in which my friend lives.

Saint-Henri is southwest of downtown. Its kind of sketchy, lower-class history is evident in the architecture, the abandoned industrial buildings cheek by jowl to these wacky, wacky triplexes. Spiral staircases up to second-floor entrances in the front and to all levels of balconies in the back. Along the canal to the south and in the eastern end of the neighbourhood, shiny new condos have been popping up. There was something really eerie and wonderful about the neighbourhood, and it wasn’t just the ridiculously low rent.

Maybe it was just the entirely un-Torontoey architecture and layout of buildings, or the subtle unease from a place I’m not familiar with combined with subtle unease of being a stranger in a (seemingly) lower-class neighbourhood. It was deserted and eerily quiet at most hours of the day. It is definitely a perfect place for me to live.

Now whether or not I will live there, soon or ever, is an entirely different issue.