My favourite game of last year, hands down, bar none, something-else-that-means the same thing.

It is a masterpiece. Taking a very simple, classic premise, and, rather than making it some gigantic, over-the-top cinematic experience, or completely departing from a proven formula to try something new, Bizarre Creations has just polished this game until it shines so bright it hurts the eyes.

Also, it settles very nicely in the “easy to pick up, impossible to master”, category. Many of the six game modes even throttle their difficulty based on how well you’re performing. If you’re doing well enough, it’ll really stick it to you, if you’re a rookie, it tends to go a little easier.

A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless), was over and after having watched a few episodes of something (possibly 30 Rock), I played a few rounds. Her reaction to it was… remarkable. Shouting warnings, shrieking in surprise, gasping at near misses. That is the kind of audience I think I need for more parts of my life. Possibly all parts of my life.

There is not much more to be said about it. Sadly it is only on the Xbox, so I can’t even provide a handy download link, or a wink-wink-nudge-nudge check out a bit torrent site. Instead, an open invitation to come over to my place and play sometime. Only rule is you have to already know where I live.