Well, it’s been a month.

Given my initial motivations for starting this blog, I think I have succeeded admirably. I haven’t missed a day! Well, not that I haven’t later made up. My writing doesn’t feel like it has improved at all, but I doubt that merely writing will provide me with that much… of a challenge. I should set different goals for myself. Randomly imposed syllable counts, historical writing to mimic, rhythm and meter? Maybe one novelty post a week, something to chew on. Experiment… start!

Less D&B youtube links. More quirky rambles on various minutae of my life. Suggestions? Requests?

The theme of this blog has had a completely unexpected side-effect. I noticed it almost immediately, but had not planned on it. I found it drastically improved my day-to-day mood. Thinking about my vast online readership, I kept my eyes open for things I liked, things I enjoy, am amused by, would do again and recommend to others. Occasionally something irritating would happen, and I would have a momentary urge to try and shoehorn it into this blog. “You know what I like, when x doesn’t happen.” I think I only really let one of those slip by once.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who read this, it provides me with a little more motivation than mere self-betterment would. Sure, maybe it makes me vain and insecure, but the opportunity to show off (even only about one’s wordiness and interest in various esoterica) is great motivation.