There is something profoundly satisfying about finding out about something after everyone else knows about it. There are two ways I could look at this, and for once, I seem to be defaulting to the more positive of the two. 1) I am a grandpa. I am not hip or with it. 2) I am doing my own thing, existing off the grid, unaware of the goings-on of the mainstream.

Even though I am so indie and boho, I still had an excellent lol when I saw this song by in all it’s puerile, toilet-humory glory. (I have always had a soft spot for some good bodily-function-humour, and this is both funny and very well produced. Plus, it features Maedo and JT!) I think this is a happy medium for my media postings. I still get to blather on a bit, so I feel like I’ve done my work. This particular post happened at this particular moment because I was not feeling eloquent enough to expound on a topic which definitely deserves careful expounding.

I dub this SNL band spinoff thing, The Lonely Island “pop Dethklok”.