I think this will be a combination of old news or surprise. Yesterday I sat down for my first ever session of multiplayer gaming over Xbox Live. My first with someone I know, at least.

For some reason, I was, at first, very, very reluctant to give it a try. Gears of War 2 wasn’t my favourite game ever, I didn’t really know how everything would work, how to set up voice chat, etc. I was set in my ways. I know enough fun things, I don’t need more.

But my friend Katie, who had moved to San Fransisco a while ago, was persistent, and I do I miss her. So, I figured I’d give it a go.

It was a surprisingly reasonable facsimile to real Katie. The voice chat was dead easy (biggest problem I had was not realizing the volume was down), and the matchmaking was also superbly easy.

We could happily chat while blowing angry grunting aliens to pieces. We laughed nervously about the Boomers chuckling and exclaiming “Boooom!”. (click link at your brain’s own peril)

The whole thing was very, remarkably satisfying. I’m not sure if I’m more stunned about how fun and pleasant it was, or about how resistant I was to try something new. I always thought of myself as open-minded and up for new and exciting newness.