meThis image nicely sums up my current photograph practice, such as it is.

I am having a bit of a panic regarding my major; there is a shockingly wide, cold, and shark-infested gulf between What I Think I Can Do and What I Can Actually Do. I keep coming up with plans, with workarounds, new directions to approach this problem from, but each comes with its own cohort of little problems. They are technical problems, they are conceptual problems, they are timeline problems, and they are legion.

I was out shooting today. The weather, at least, is cooperating with me. While I’m out trying to collect the necessary component images for my monstrous collages, I keep noticing nice, interesting, simple, one-offs. It really makes me yearn for a time when I could make pictures by, y’know, pointing a camera at something and pushing a button, rather than spend so much time after the fact plotting and planning and freaking out with startling frequency.

Maybe I should just start shooting weddings. Or pretty girls, puppies, and sunsets.

<<edit: ideally, puppy sunset weddings!>>