Another streetcar related post? Borrrring. I spend anywhere between 30-60 minutes a day on these monstrosities, so I have developed a whole list of strange thoughts, views, and behaviours when it comes to Riding the so-called Rocket.

This is something that I always do. I cannot not do it. If a streetcar is approaching the stop I’m at and I see another one not too far back, I am compelled to wait for the next one. This seed sprouted in very utilitarian grounds; the second streetcar is almost always much less busy than the first. Boy, do I hate a crowded streetcar, especially the Dundas car. What a smelly, motley gallery of people I would generally not want to be within ten feet of, let alone be so crammed into a vehicle I don’t even have room to read a book. So, when given the option, the second is invariably much more pleasant.

But today (well, Thursday, but this post is *for* Thursday) I caught myself waiting for the second even though the first had ample room. Sure enough, there were approximately three people in that car, I proceeded to the back and then just kind of… pooled across the back three seats, chuckling luxuriously about those poor… plebians crammed up in the lead streetcar. Servant! Fetch me a drink. A cold one, this time!

I will have to examine this further. I wonder if there were more than two streetcars if I’d inevitably wait for the last one. Or. OR! I can see it now.  Some devilish administrator at the TTC is reading this and will henceforth cram the Dundas line full of so many streetcars it will look like there’s always another one coming, leaving me paralyzed at the stop, hoping that the next streetcar will be just a little more comfortable, with couches and candles, footrubs and a jazz band. Maybe the next one.