Well, I tried.

I left the house a little late this morning. My bed was warm, my random wakeup playlist was particularly satisfying, and the internet seemed full of amusement. My shower was a little longer than usual, breakfast was tasty, book interesting.

As soon as I stepped outside, things got worse. It is frigidly cold. -26c is about as cold as it gets here, which suits me just fine. But, I was raised in the Great White North, so I wasn’t about to let a little bit of windchill make me tuck tail and run home. Listening to the new You Look Nice Today (finally), I walked down to Dundas to catch the streetcar, already coming to terms with being 10 or 15 minutes late for class.

Upon reaching the streetcar stop, I glanced over, westward towards Ossington. There was obviously something bad going on there. Westbound traffic was backed up to Shaw and there were some sort of emergency vehicles there. I gave it 5-10 minutes to see if the eastbound lanes were clear/would clear, shrugged, and walked north, past my house, to College St. Approaching College, a streetcar was just leaving, crammed to the front door with people. I sighed audibly and figured I’d give it a few minutes, maybe another one would be there soon.

Sure enough! I get to the stop and yes! Victory! A new streetcar, surely not as full as the last. But wait… it’s only going one block east.


So, here I am, drinking a cup of tea, dealing with my blog backlog, being comfortably warm. Sure, I’m missing a lecture on the philosophy of beauty, but I’m pretty good about going to that class and the readings this week were particularly impenetrable. The fact that I took yesterday off too takes a bit of shine off the apple, but that was out of necessity. This morning is just to… well, it just is.