Things going terribly wrong is often a lot of fun. As much as I tend to plan and anticipate and be prepared for any eventuality, things do tend to go sideways once in a while, and making them work to your advantage is delicious.

My major thesis project is rolling along. It is a slightly bumpy ride, thus far. I need cloudy weather, ideally warm, so that I may spend as much time outside as I must to collect the various photographs I need. It was blindingly clear today, as painfully white as only a midwinter day can be. This means that in order to collect images that will work with my existing ones, I need to go out at dusk, right as the sun dips below the horizon I am out the door like a shot (or, ideally, arriving wherever I need to be). There is something remarkably satisfying about shooting in that tiny window of time. Maybe it’s just me reveling my awareness that the light I need only exists at that time of day, given a bright, sunny one.

Here is a rough image.

Space for communities.

Space for families.