That is one huge-ass asterisk. Biggest asterisk ever. We’re talking Canis Majoris sized star, here.

Waking up has always been a horrendous chore. Let me give you a bit of background on the matter.

I have vague memories of my waking-up routine in my early years in Toronto. After I had, y’know, realized there was music (ca. grade 8), I would usually set my clock radio a little early and listen to Jesse and Gene on Q107. As I sunk further into a fairly run-of-the-mill adolescence (perhaps I’ll get out of it someday),  I naturally had to be more “alternative”, and went over to Edge 102 and Humble & Fred. That saw me through most of high school in style. The show was occasionally irritating, but usually pretty funny and with frequent bouts of alternative rocking. The commute to school, and the day of school itself ahead loomed ominously ahead, but, bolstered by two Canadian funnymen and the sounds of Seattle’s finest, I’d eventually roll out of bed and go to face the day.

(an aside, after a few years of slacking it up at U of T, I found myself in the situation of having to wake up early, extremely early, again. After remembering what it was that I used to do, I returned to Edge 102… only to discover that their new morning show was infuriatingly loud, stupid, and almost devoid of any sort of music I would ever want to hear. I think I returned to the alarm after a few weeks of waking up and being incited to a murderous rage by Blundell and his cronies)

*Waking up is relatively pleasant, now. As previously mentioned, my bed is right next to a large window, so I usually have the sun poking me in the forehead anyway. Also, Aurora is a wonderful program. I was a little skeptical about laying down cash for it, but it works brilliantly and has proven to be worth it at twice the price. Yesterday, waking up to Muse’s Knights of Cydonia (as per my shuffled top 25 most played list), it was driven home that I could never wake up any other way. Or at least not on time.