I found out about this game from my favourite gaming blog, Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It is Nethack meets Montezuma’s Revenge (from waaaay back in my childhood C64 days). It’s really hard, but the variety of the **procedurally generated** levels keeps it from getting dull, dying and playing the same thing over and over again. Plus it is free. Anyone who enjoys platforming, Indiana Jones, or just collecting treasure should give it a shot.

And as an added bonus it’s full of happy beepy music.

>> Update, Jan 27: I spent a good… two hours, last night playing this game. It continues to get better and better, due in no small part to my having hooked up an Xbox 360 controller to my PC. There are things I could be doing right now, there are even other games I am addicted to and should probably be using to waste my time. But instead I think I’ll go see if the be-afroed shortcut man is going to turn up and offer to help me through levels 5-10.