When I first really got into this genre, I was told it wasn’t a genre. Granted, I was told this by someone who has very strong and often wrong views on music. I’m not really sure what constitutes a genre, but, I digress.

My recent chiptune renaissance happened when I stumbled across the page for 8-bit Peoples. They have music by all their artists (my favourites being Trash80 and Random) online, free to download. So I helped myself to a large portion. Simple, catchy, often upbeat. And I love the oh-so-fitting lo-fi album art.

I don’t really know why I like this style of song so much. I expect it’s a combination of simple nostalgia, the way I listen to music, kind of detailed yesterday’s post, and the enjoyment of something a little… indie. I wish there was a club somewhere with a bunch of arcade machines and a great dancefloor and chiptunes and D&B DJs and a bar with tasty beer on tap and an awesome chillout room. I would consider opening such a place… but I’m not sure how I’d promote it, or get the geeks to come out. I will contemplate this further.