"I was outta bullets."

"I was outta bullets."

Sure, Mr. Willis is probably the ultimate source of today’s liking. I’ll definitely give him a nod for killing a helicopter with a car. However, the seed of this post was nurtured by a Gears of War II session last night.

After a particularly long and punishing series of frantic firefights, the bad guys kept on coming but I was getting dangerously low on ammo. I had been well aware of this, what with the game’s focus on “active” reloading, but couldn’t seem to do anything about it. Eventually, I found myself in quite a pinch, and had to do some pretty derring-do to make it back to my squadmates and live to fight another day.

It is just that do (of the derring variety) that I enjoy.

Of course, when there are bad guys around, no matter the forum, hot lead should be on the menu. Don’t get me wrong, shooting up the place is a classic, and it’s a classic for a reason. Loud, messy, deadly. Who wouldn’t like it?

There comes a time, dear reader, when it’s just not enough to bust caps.  Simply perforating another platoon of alien shock troops just doesn’t satisfy the way that it used to. But given the choice, all but the most badass, the worstass, if you will, would hunker down behind a burned-out car and squeeze off round after round.

Unless, of course, the gun stops going bang, and only goes *click*. Then someone is going to be forced to kill outside the box.

Slow motion bullet-dodging followed up with a bonecrunching flurry of blows? Jury-rigging a grenade out of a some gasoline and a shoe? Negotiation, narrow escapes, dramatic injury? All this and more can be yours… if you run out of bullets.