Partly due yesterday’s video, and partly due to my recent revolution, I busted out Stella for the first time in years.

Actually retrieving my violin was difficult enough, wedged in a box in the Closet of No Remorse. It took a good fifteen minutes before  I had burrowed deep enough to see the bizarre raised Unreal Tournament logo (collector’s edition, ha!) that I long ago stuck to the tip of Stella’s case and could haul it out.

Now, she doesn’t look that good. Dinged around the purfling and with worn strips of red tape serving as finger placement markers on the neck, she is not suitable for a romantic portrait with me. I was never much of a violinist. A year of extremely half-assing it has not left me with much of a resevoir of skill, what little there was has long since evaporated.

She still smells great, though. That was the first thing that struck me when I cracked open the case when I first brought the violin home. There’s a rich, almost spicy scent of spruce combined with the faintly sweet smell of rosin. It’s been at least three years, but that smell is still there.

I’m going to get back into playing. At first, this will only happen when nobody else is home, for the benefit of all.