Let’s just get this straight. I didn’t even like the game that much. I gave it a playthrough, enjoyed the art style, but it was pretty standard zelda fare, with some pretty serious third act problems.

My standard morning dose of random webness (laptop in bed, natch) was winding down. I was abusing my brain in a horrible way, namely by reading the comments on a post. Against all odds, one of the comments yielded a rich reward.

This song made my day.

I think Haley’s co-worker put it best. “This sounds like where I want to be.” Great rendition of a very happy, breezy tropical song, and more than a little bit inspiring in the musical skill department. (I especially enjoy the break starting at 1:28.)

Bringing it back to comments, I checke back a few times over the course of the day to give it another listen. Occasionally one of the new listeners would leave some turd of feedback. I assume that these people have no soul. In fact, I may use the Wind Waker Unplugged comment list as a barometer for each new day. Wake up, check the comments, gauge my faith in mankind.